I'm available to come to your school or library

I offer 20-minute assemblies or 40-minute poetry workshops for ages 4-11, either virtually or in person (south Hampshire, UK). Please contact me for further details. The exercise below is just for fun.


Try "Hot Penning"

First decide what your story might be about. Then set a timer for three minutes and start writing quickly. Pretend that if you stop before the time is up, your pen will burst into flame! Keep on writing for the whole time until the buzzer sounds. Don't stop to make changes or check spelling or cross out. 


Afterwards you can go back and edit any mistakes. This exercise is to get you having FUN making up a story. You're probably more creative than you think!



"There was a real buzz around school during and after your visit. You have really inspired a lot of young writers." Literacy Co-ordinator and Year 6 Teacher