With so many home schoolers these days, I've put my primary school Creative Writing Workshop here. Start by reading the text below, and do the 'Just Imagine' exercise. You might also like to try 'Hot Penning'.


Then download and discuss the page, 'What Makes a Good Story?' and use the 'Design a Story' worksheet to make up your own story.


(NOTE: If your teacher tries to correct your spelling or grammar, send them to the naughty step! This is the time to let your ideas run free. Later, you can and should tidy up your text.)



'Where do you get your ideas?'

I catch them with a large butterfly net. (Not really!)


That's the question writers are asked all the time. But the answer may surprise you. Ideas are everywhere. Not only for me, but also for you, if you open your mind and imagination. An idea is like a magic carpet that you hop on and let it fly you far, far away into an amazing story. 



To get you started, Just Imagine....

Close your eyes. Imagine it's Sports Day at your school and you're standing on the grassy playing field, waiting your turn. The sun is beating down and you're feeling sweaty and bored. The other groups are taking ages!


SIGH. You start kicking at the grass with your foot. Kick, kick, kick. OUCH! Your foot hits something that was buried in the dirt! What could it be? You forget all about being bored and start digging. Soon all your friends are helping you dig. Look - you've uncovered something! What is it? What was buried under the playing field?


Open your eyes and tell your teacher what you found in the dirt.


When I do this in Assembly, every single kid raises their hand to tell me their wonderful idea. So I know you have a great idea as well. All we did was take a normal setting and ask 'What if?' Then we added one unexpected event. You can do that yourself to make up a story.


Whatever you saw buried in the dirt, that is YOUR idea. It came from your imagination. You could write a story about it, if you want!



Try 'Hot Penning'

Just for fun, set a timer for four minutes and start writing a story. Pretend that if you stop before the time is up, your pen will burst into flame! Keep on writing for the whole time until the buzzer sounds. Don't stop to make changes or check spelling or cross out. 


Afterwards you can go back and edit any mistakes. This exercise is to get you started having FUN with making up a story. You're probably more creative than you think!


(You might try this, using the idea you got in the IMAGINE exercise above.)




What Makes a Good Story?

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Design a Story Worksheet
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I would love to read your stories, if you want to send them to me.