School workshops and assemblies

Going into schools is a lot of fun and is a way of connecting with my audience.  I'm available to do assemblies and creative writing workshops in the greater Portsmouth area.


'I loved it when you came into our class and gave us tips how to write and all that.'  KS2 Pupil


'The worksheets and stories were pitched at the correct level for all children. We enjoyed how interesting and real you made the workshops....The children had a wonderful experience with an author that they will remember for a long time.'  Head of English


'I would highly recommend these workshops as whilst the children are learning they are also enjoying themselves.'  Library Manager


'As a school we really enjoyed your visit and feel that you are excellent value for money.'  Deputy Head Teacher  


Creative Writing Workshops for KS 2

My creative writing workshops for KS 2 give kids a push towards doing their own writing, motivating reluctant writers as well as challenging the keen ones. The last half of the session gives them a chance to design a story of their own. This will be tailored to the age and ability of the group.


Alternatively, we divide into three groups to plan the beginning, middle and end of the same story - with surprising results! (Single class only)


'The children were very inspired and couldn't wait to start writing. I felt there was a good mix of activities, talk and discussion as well as listening.' Deputy Head Teacher


'Within the time frame of an hour you managed to achieve such a lot....I am sure when I evaluate the whole year next month your visit will be one of the highlights of the year.' Senior Library Assistant and Chatterbooks Coordinator


'There was a real buzz around school during and after your visit. You have really inspired a lot of young writers.' Literacy Co-ordinator and Year 6 Teacher


'Can we do this every day?' Pupil


For gifted pupils, I offer a 'masterclass' in which we focus on writing an amazing story hook.


Sessions for KS 1

During assemblies, I give insights into the life of a writer, answer their questions and read a short section from one of my books. Up to a hundred children, single year groups preferable.


For single classes, I offer an interactive reading of one of my picture book stories.



Please contact me for more information or if you'd like me to come to your school.